Kermit The Frog’s New Girlfriend Is So Smoking Hot Even You Would Do Her

The Muppets

They say the best way to get over someone old is to have sex with someone much hotter than the old person you used to have sex with, and that is exactly what the fuck Kermit the Frog is doing after his much publicized break up with Miss Piggy.

He’s fucking the tits off an absolute ten. A ten. It hasn’t even been a month since the two called it quits, and K-Frog’s already pounding a stud of a lady. Check Denise the fuck out.

Babe babe babe babe babe babe.

Compare that to Kermit’s ex. She wasn’t — NO OFFENSE — called Miss Piggy for a reason.

The Muppets

Black leather and faux fur? We know who is winning this break up. Fuck yea and up top. Can’t wait to hear about all your hot muppet sex with Denise. Bet it is hot.

Let’s take one last look.

I’m fucking jealous. I wanna fuck Denise.

[H/T @johncolucci, Via People]