Key & Peele’s ‘Dicknanigans’ Boils Performance Art Down To Two Dudes Kicking Each Other In The Schlong

Performance art is often just one giant crock of feces dressed up as a stew, and Key & Peele just earned more respect from me when they pointed it out in their latest sketch ‘Dicknanigans’.

Because at the end of the day, what is performance art if it’s not just two dudes dressed up like a$$holes on a stage kicking each other in the junk? It takes a hot minute for this sketch to get up to speed, but once it does it basically achieves a perfect harmony between comedy and the self-absorbed artistic community who wouldn’t be able to see the humor in this. It’s brilliance. It’s Dicknanigans.

I know, it makes zero sense because performance are is one steaming crockpot full of b.s.

If you’re currently in college and majoring in performance art you should drop out now and save yourself the debt and embarrassment.


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