If You Can’t Laugh At Key And Peele’s ‘Negrotown’ You’re The Reason Comedy Is Dying, Because This Is Funny Shit

Comedy duo ‘Key & Peele’ have a true gift for tackling race relations in a way that’s both hilarious, and able to drive attention to the hypocrisy of everyone else trying to be politically correct and tiptoe around the issues. They jump straight to the core of whatever the hell it is that should be said at that moment, but they do so with a panache unlike anyone else on TV. Case in point: this newly released Key & Peele sketch titled ‘Negrotown’. ‘Key and Peele‘s ‘Negrotown’ sketch is their take on everything happening across our country right now, most recently the Baltimore riots that set one of our nation’s greatest cities on fire.

They’re not trying to use delicate metaphors and euphemisms, they’re using ‘Negrotown’ and getting right at the core of how messed up our justice system is right now, and the overhaul needed to combat institutional racism. Key & Peele’s idyllic fictional ‘Negrotown’ is just that, fictional. The fact of the matter is that a city doesn’t exist in America (not even Atlanta), where racism doesn’t come into play when citizens and police meet in the streets. People are afraid to call it like it is, and make jokes about things like this in the way that Key & Peele do. But if comedy and cracking jokes is what brings more attention to how messed up our criminal justice system is then this video should be shared everywhere, by everyone.

Some people are going to be afraid to laugh at Key & Peele’s ‘Negrotown’, for many reasons they won’t be able to find the funny in this or admit that it was absolutely hilarious. That’s because comedy is dying, and nobody’s allowed to make jokes anymore. Something I actually wrote about recently. But as long as I have blogging as a platform to keep the funny alive, well, I’ll continue sharing videos like this.