Key & Peele’s ‘MC Mom’ Rap Is About All The Times You Jacked It Into A Sock And Thought You Got Away With It

It’s truly a shame that this upcoming season of Key & Peele will be their last, because as a comedy duo they have a gift unlike any other I’ve ever seen at making things funny that other comedians would shy away from for being taboo or offensive. This ‘MC Mom’ sketch is no exception, with MC Mom representing moms everywhere and rapping about how they’ve found ‘crispy socks’ and sticky magazines in bedrooms all across the nation. And now I need to get this off my chest: y’all mofo’s jacking it into socks making ‘crispy socks’ are some sicks s.o.b.’s, and those of you causing the pages of magazines to be stuck together are just bad.

If ‘crispy socks’ are so prevalent that Key & Peele are writing sketches about them I’m assuming that jacking it into tube socks is something that a majority of adolescent dudes did, and I have to ask: did you not take into consideration that your foot would later be going back into that sock? So what if that crispy sock went through the laundry, you know what you did, the sock knows what you did, Key and Peele know what you did, and MC Mom knows what you did (meaning YOUR MOM knows what you did). You should be ashamed of yourself.

Also, gotta pay respect to that ‘chain wax’ joke at the end, and the fact that they stole wardrobe ideas from the original Prancercise video:


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