Key & Peele Are Finally Making A Movie; Here’s Everything We Know So Far

The Key & Peele movie everyone has been waiting for appears as if it is finally going to happen.

According to Deadline, Comedy Central stars Michael Key and Jordan Peele have signed with New Line to create a new film entitled Keanu about a kidnapped cat. Seriously.

Said Peele: “The movie should resonate with a large audience as almost everyone has had a house pet stolen by a street gang, right?”

The pair worked together on MAD TV and have seen their Comedy Central sketches develop a strong viral following. They have been circling numerous film projects for the past few months, including a Police Academy reboot, an untitled Judd Apatow feature and a spinoff of Mr. Garvey, aka Substitute Teacher, a popular character on the show. Keanu tells the story of friends who pose as drug dealers to infiltrate the criminal underworld, all to retrieve a stolen kitty. Peele wrote the script with Alex Rubens, a writer on the show as well as on Community.

Keanu is scheduled to start shooting early in 2015 and no release date has been given yet. Stay tuned.

H/T Vulture; Key & Peele image by Debby Wong/Shutterstock