Will Lady Stoneheart Be Making An Appearance In ‘Game Of Thrones’ This Season?

Answer: NO, NO SHE WILL NOT. Lady Stoneheart, aka zombie Catelynn Stark, will NEVER be making an appearance on Game of Thrones because there are already so many goddamn subplots floppin’ around that we don’t need Catelynn sporadically murdering Freys to confuse the shit out of strictly show-watchers who can’t even recall who Beric Dondarrion is.

Then again, this season we’re getting a bunch of Viking kingsmoot stuff that we missed out on last season, so who knows? But my vote is still “No.” Feel free to quote me on that when I’m right, and if I’m wrong, well…you can still quote me on it and say “I told you so.”

[Header art via Vasilis-Kun/deviantART.com]