Sexy Lauren Cohan From ‘Walking Dead’ Babysits Creepy As Hell Doll In Terrifying New Horror Film ‘The Boy’

You’d think that lovely Lauren Cohan would have had her fill of horror from stabbing zombies in the skull while on The Walking Dead for the last six seasons, but apparently not because she is starring in the upcoming fright-fest flick The Boy.

Lauren plays Greta, a young American woman looking to escape a troubled past so she takes a babysitting job in a small England village. This boy is a real doll. No. Not like a real doll of a child because he’s adorable, it’s an actual doll, porcelain face and everything. So she gets paid to watch a doll. Seems like good work if you can get it.

The doll’s wealthy parents, Mr. & Mrs. Heelshire, go on a long vacation and give very strict rules regarding their seemingly inanimate 8-year-old son named Brahms.

  • Be good to him and he’ll be good to you. (Way to rip off the Golden Rule)
  • Don’t cover his face.
  • Never leave him alone.
  • Don’t forget to feed him.

And just like in Gremlins, somebody doesn’t follow the rules and all Hell breaks loose.

“[’The Boy’] goes on this really, really disturbing unnatural journey,” Cohan told MTV News. “It has some things that happen towards the end that are just twisted… it’s extremely thrilling and entertaining. I read it very quickly, I put the script down, and I thought ‘Can I handle this? After doing a year of Walking Dead, can I handle this?’ I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I thought, ‘Well, that’s my answer, then. I have to just handle it. I have to do it.'”

The Boy was written by Stacey Menear, produced by Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Roy Lee, Matt Berenson and Jim Wedaa.

“This doll puts zombies to shame,” Cohan said. “No, it doesn’t really, but you know what I mean. It’s on another level, because she hears children in the house and she doesn’t know what’s real and whose alive, and the doll actually just sends her inside her own sort of psychosis in her own mind. That’s really what’s scary. We all can agree that creepy dolls are disturbing, but then what the doll actually releases in her and propels her into is what makes the film so uncomfortable and disturbing.”

“I’ve been working with people that are very grounded in reality, and doing something to survive, whereas this situation is a world that is far removed,” Cohan remarked. “It’s… a small town in England with a family that’s stuck in a time warp, that don’t subscribe to any social norms, or make her feel comfortable, or have her back, or have any camaraderie, which is all the things [Maggie has] with Walking Dead… your heart breaks for this family, and you see the motivation for their actions, because they’re unwilling to let go of the loss of a child.”

Let me babysit this little possessed doll any fucking day of the week over actual real children who are constantly screaming, wanting attention and dancing in front of the television right when a game-winning touchdown is scored.

The Boy debuts in theaters on January 22, 2016, and most importantly, there is a steamy shower scene featuring the alluring Lauren.