Lena Dunham Dressed As A ‘Grabbed P*ssy’ For Halloween And I HATE That I Think It’s Actually Legit

by 2 years ago
Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham’s last three posts on our site has consisted of her believing the college cafeteria sushi is cultural appropriation, stereotyping Odell Beckham for not wanting to bang her at the Met Gala, and the Hillary campaign claiming that Lena is like “nails on a chalkboard” to the average American woman. It’s safe to say that partying with Dunham would be about as fun as a trip to the DMV with a sinus infection. She seems like the human reincarnation of a fun suck.

The 30-year-old Girls creator dressed up as a ‘grabbed pussy’ for Halloween and I must say that the costume is pretty creative and well executed.

Unfortunately, Lena is going to Lena and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to belittle every male who commented on her costume during the night.

This is how I imagine her first interaction played out:

Man: Hey, nice costume!

Lena: So you agree with pussy grabbing??

Man: Uh, no. I just–

Lena: You just thought that since you were born with penis you can systematically oppress women and make light of our struggle?? Huh?

Man: I’m going to grab a beer. Or maybe some Drano.

Lena: RAPE!!!!


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