The Leo DiCaprio Lookalike Just Landed His Own Reality Show Called ‘Romance With DiCaprio’

Похож? 😉 🐻 #ДиКаприо24 #романсдикаприо

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For a moment looking at the pic up above, just like me, you probably assumed, hot damn Leo DiCaprio let himself go. The Oscars haven’t even happened yet but the guy’s emotionally eaten himself like he lost or something (please god no, not this year, again) well past lipo-suck-n-save-a-pillsbury-doughboy land. But nah, it turns out some bloated Russian badass upstart ex-security guard turned actor named Roman Burtsev is capitalizing on being an impossibly spot-on Leo DiCaprio lookalike. To begin, there’s this weird ‘The Revenant’ knock-off, which for sure has to be violating some copyright laws. But hey, artistic re-interpretation and hell it’s Russia right?:

У меня свой "Выживший"😀

A video posted by Роман Бурцев (@roman_sdicaprio) on

Then the crew obviously chucked a lemon-custard injected doughnut 10 or so yards out front Burtsev to rev up the motivational motors before he crawls through the snow looking like he’s at least a few seconds away from cardiac arrest:

I know what you’re thinking at this point–how? It gets better yet though bros. A video leaked a while ago of the guy singing Celine Dion’s renowned ‘Titanic’ anthem, “My Heart Will Go On.” Granted, the vocals are painful as a banshee woman howling as she drags bag lady fingernails across a damn chalkboard, but like kudos to Burtsev for leaving it all out there, right? Check out the rest of his antics over here.

The latest news to come from this whole doppelganged freakshow is that the Leo lookalike just landed his very own reality show called ‘Romance with DiCaprio.’ Imma let that one percolate for a second, and add the necessary point that we’ve got to put a petition forwards to get the very real Leo DiCaprio to stop by that show at some point. I mean, come on. The awkwardness would be beautifully palpable.

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