Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio Won Best Actor For ‘The Revenant’ And Gave A Very Bro Shout Out To Indigenous Peoples


Leonardo DiCapro is an absolute BEAST in The Revenant, so it’s not a surprise that our favorite Bro in Hollywood won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama. His Oscar win is *fingers-crossed* inevitable.

In the meantime, what we didn’t expect was Leo throwing a shout out to indigenous peoples in his Golden Globe speech. Watch it above. Here’s what he said:

And lastly, I want to share this award with all the First Nations people represented in this film and all the indigenous communities around the world. It is time that we recognize your history and that we protect your indigenous lands from corporate interests and people that are out there to exploit them. It is time that we heard your voice and protected this planet for future generations.

What a Bro move. Just another reason to love this dude. Give Leo the Oscar.

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