Leonardo DiCaprio’s Reaction To Seeing A Selfie He Just Took Is The Pinnacle Of Personal Satisfaction

I don’t know why I am so amused by Leo “one take” DiCaprio’s effort at taking a selfie, but I am. Part of my amusement is because normal people look at a selfie of themselves and think, “Ah fuck, I’ve got chins-o-plenty and you can see the hair cascading out of my nose. Let’s take one more.” And then that “let’s take one more” process goes on for several minutes and several takes until everyone involved finally realizes they just aren’t very attractive and no magic angle or crafty lighting tricks are going to change that. The other part of my amusement is because he took one look at the selfie and thought “oh yeah, daddy brought his A-game today.”

Go ahead, look at it.

By all accounts, it’s an unimpressive selfie, but what is impressive is the pure satisfaction strewn across his face upon seeing how handsome he is.

Some guys have it all, but even they have less than Leonardo DiCaprio. O.K., people of the Internet, go on and turn this into the “Satisfied Leo Meme.”

[H/T Unilad]