Liam Hemsworth Says Kissing Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t As Awesome As You’d Think

liam hemsworth kissing jennifer lawrence

YouTube - The Tonight Show

One would think that kissing Jennifer Lawrence would be about the greatest thing ever, right? After all her co-star Josh Hutcherson already told us last year that she is a great kisser. However, one of her other Hunger Games co-stars, Liam Hemsworth, says that, eh, it’s actually a little awkward and uncomfortable. And that’s coming from a guy who used to mack with Miley Cyrus on the reg.

So how could kissing Jennifer Lawrence ever be uncomfortable, I hear you (and me) asking? Well… appearing on The Tonight Show Friday night Hemsworth said, and I quote, “Anytime I had to kiss Jennifer was pretty uncomfortable. When you look at it on the outside, it looks like a great picture.”

Indeed it does, Liam, please continue.

“She’s one of my best friends, I love her, but if we had a kissing scene, she would make a point of eating garlic or tuna fish or something that was disgusting. Right before the scene she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I ate tuna’ or ‘I had garlic, and I didn’t brush my teeth.’ And I’d be like, ‘Fantastic, I can’t wait to get in there and taste it!'”

Oh, poor baby brother of Thor, you had to kiss Jennifer Lawrence with garlic breath. Boo hoo. How about we trade jobs for a month and then let’s see how bad kissing J-Law with garlic breath sounds to you, mister Hollywood movie star.

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