Lindsay Lohan Maybe Didn’t Have a Miscarriage After All

At least, so says Radar Online, quoting people in the LiLo know.

Two separate sources, both of whom are close to the actress, told that they believe the Mean Girls star, 27, was never pregnant and concocted the tale to garner sympathy and as a means to explain her unprofessional behavior repeatedly documented on the eight-part series.

It definitely seems plausible, because when you are pregnant, you are supposed to not be a raging alcoholic who rips heat stick after heat stick after heat stick.

[Says a source,] “Lindsay has continued to smoke through-out this entire series and has admitted to relapsing and drinking alcohol. Don’t forget there have been multiple media reports that she fell off the wagon months ago. Quite simply, Lindsay never acted like someone who was pregnant.”

That’s true, unless she was pregnant and kept boozing and smoking because she has an addiction and that’s what caused the miscarriage. I just Googled “Can alcohol cause a miscarriage” and the answer is yes. It can!

Now, I don’t know who to believe. The inveterate liar or sources at a tabloid.

Ha, who am I kidding? Lindsay totally made it up. Classic Lohan.

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