Lindsay Lohan Skipped Out On Her Own Brother’s Wedding This Weekend


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The average person lives 27,375 days. The most important, joyous day of one’s 75 years of life is said to be his wedding day, an grandiose event where all his loved ones gather to celebrate his soul’s counterpart in another. Typically, siblings play a role in the day, whether it be inclusion in the wedding party or a speech. The thought of skipping that day, short of being in a coma, is incomprehensible to most.

Welp, Lindsay Lohan is a horse of a different color. Lindsay‘s younger brother Mike Lohan Jr. was married over the weekend and his sister was nowhere to be found. Mike, a real estate executive, wed his longtime girlfriend Nina Ginsberg on Block Island, Rhode Island, on Saturday. The two have been together for 10 years. Lindsay evidently had a change of heart since sending them props on Instagram for their engagement.


Lohan’s parents, Michael and Dina, were both in attendance despite a messy divorce that was riddled with domestic violence allegations.

It should be of no surpass that Lindsay, who has been spending a lot of time abroad at her nightclub called “Lohan” in Athens, Greece, bailed on the wedding.

Lets remember the wedding Lohan attended back in August 2015 for one of her model friends.

Lindsay was painting her nails during the ceremony and looking at her phone,” said a spy.

“Lindsay left the reception early,” said a source. “She’d gone back to her villa and was running around naked saying she was drugged.”

And while DJing one event with an “Eyes Wide Shut” theme, LiLo “got upset when she thought someone took her photo. She was speaking in a British accent, ‘Who took the photo? Don’t be an idiot.’ She kept playing Brandy’s ‘The Boy Is Mine,’” said the source.

A report said Lohan claimed she had jewelry stolen at the nuptials.

Maybe it was in everyone’s best interest to steer clear of the wedding. Lohan’s going to Lohan. Till death do her part.

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