Here’s The Trailer For Louis C.K.’s Netflix Comedy Special, Featuring Rare Footage Of Louis C.K. In A Suit

I can’t recall ever seeing Louis C.K. in a suit. I’m saying this as a fan of his dark FX show and his brand of vulgar stand-up comedy — The man doesn’t wear suits. Plain black tees from The Gap, yes. But suits? Doesn’t happen.

That’s one of the million reasons to be excited about C.K.’s all-new stand-up special, dropping April 4 on Netflix. After taking a pop culture L with Amy Schumer’s comedy special, Netflix is rebounding hard with it’s upcoming slate. Dave Chappelle last week, Chris Rock in a few weeks, and Louis C.K. next week. Literally the Mt. Rushmore of stand-up gods.

Really hoping he has a bit that matching my all-time favorite Louis C.K. bit. Poor Cinnabun. You still make me so happy yet so sad.

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