Man On Game Show Wants A Bikini-Clad Female Contestant To Stop Taunting Him So HE PUNCHES HER IN THE FACE


This footage comes from a foreign game show where contestants compete in a battle of attrition to win a car. The game the contestants are playing consists of everyone standing around a car, keeping one hand on it at all times, and the last person standing wins a sensible, 4-door sedan. Or at least that’s what appears to be going on; English is my first and last language so everything they are saying sounds like utter gibberish to my ears.

As you can imagine, tensions eventually start to rise in these types of situations. People want that car. They NEED that car. So they begin to play dirty in an effort to get other contestants to bow out. That’s what happened here when a chick wearing a bikini decided to taunt the man next to her, even going as far as tapping him in the head with her hooker shoe. Naturally, he took umbrage with that. Perhaps a touuuuuuch too much umbrage, because he not only took his hands off the car, he threw her on the ground and smashed her nose with his fist.

J.Camm is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of BroBible.