US Map Shows The Funniest Stand-Up Comedian Born In Each State

by 3 years ago

So how do you think your state will represent in a map showing the funniest stand-up comedian born in each state?

Better yet, did the folks over at Mandatory pick the right stand-up comedian as their selection for your state? (I’m guessing there will be a few dissensions.)

Just so you know going in, here was the criteria that they used…

1. The comedian had to be BORN in the state. Even if it was only for 6 months of their lives. Things got too complicated once we starting looking into where people grew up.
2. If a number of legendary comedians were all born in the same state, we watched some clips of each comedian doing stand up back to back and brought it to a vote. We wish we could’ve included more than one for some states.
3. A few very popular comedians weren’t even born in the U.S., so they were out of the running from the get go.
4. We’re very sorry about Larry the Cable Guy and Carrot Top. We really had no other options.

By the way, North Dakota, Wyoming and Vermont…you don’t get to play. Apparently you really need to work on your funny.

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