Adam Carolla Drops Sticky Icky Truth Bombs While Debating Marijuana Legalization On ‘The Nightly Show’

The legalization of marijuana is easily the hottest topic in the media right now, and last night it made its way to Comedy Central’s ‘The Nightly Show’ where host Larry Wilmore debated marijuana legalization with Adam Carolla and a few others.

As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing to debate. Alcohol is one of the most firmly engrained substances in our nation’s day-to-day activities, and it’s far more dangerous than marijuana. Unfair drug laws have sentenced people to life in prison for as little as $20 worth of weed. Drug laws are causing violence (even among rabbits), not the drugs, and there’s simply nothing to debate.

Sure we could debate ways in which pot should be regulated, but as for whether or not marijuana should be legalized there’s simply no good reasons whatsoever to have it remain illegal. And I say this all as a person who very rarely smokes weed (or eats weed edibles), and who is just very pro-legalization.