This 55-Year-Old Chick Has Made $4 MILLION DOLLARS Just Because She Looks Like Marilyn Monroe

Robert Lachman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Over the course of the past three decades Susan Griffiths has made more than $4 million dollars from appearing in TV spots, ads, and private parties. She’s made this laughable sum of money all because she looks like Marilyn Monroe, the deceased actress who was famous for being a drug addict and maybe, possibly having sex with a former U.S. President in the Oval Office.

I’ll admit that Susan Griffiths does in fact share a resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, and you can see the photos here on her website, but I feel the need to question whether or not she looks enough like Marilyn Monroe to have a career worth over $4 million. Furthermore, I question why anyone in the goddamn world thinks that Marilyn Monroe was important enough in her own time to pay an actress massive sums of money because she kinda looks like her. What is the appeal here? ‘Hey! Everybody come into this room and look at this person who looks like a dead person!’

Here’s Susan Griffiths without her makeup, getting all dolled up to look like Marilyn:

Robert Lachman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The DailyMail reports:

For a while in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Susan retired her act – but couldn’t avoid the call of being a celebrity lookalike forever. She revisited impersonating Marilyn for the 1991 TV movie Marilyn in Me.
From there, she went on to play Marilyn several more times on film, most notably in the cult classic Pulp Fiction with John Travolta.’
‘Every time he saw me, he’d make comments about how similar I looked to Marilyn,’ she said.
She appeared on TV shows, as well, including Growing Pains, Quantum Leap, The Defenders, and Cybill.
She also booked ads and commercials, doing spots for Chanel No. 5, McDonald’s, Popeye’s, Amstel Beer, Acura, and Visa.
In November 2008, she posed as Marilyn – complete with white dress, perfectly-coiffed blonde hair, and pouty red lips – on the cover of GQ with Jimmy Kimmel.
‘It was surreal to see myself on the cover of a magazine that is on all the newsstands,’ she wrote on Facebook.
‘I was also offered a chance to model nude for Playboy while impersonating Marilyn, but I turned it down, as I felt it was disrespectful to her memory,’ she added’
Being a dead-ringer for the actress has come with difficulties, too. Susan said that some past boyfriends have only dated her because of the resemblance, while others hated that she was stopped everywhere she went.
Luckily, she eventually met Andy DiMino, 63, who is an impersonator himself. He plays Dean Martin, and the couple have now been together for 12 years.
‘It’s easier being in a relationship with someone in the performing industry because they get how unpredictable it is,’ she said.

Again: Susan Griffiths has made FOUR MILLION DOLLARS JUST BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE AN ACTRESS WHO WAS A DRUG ADDICT. We can hate on people for gawking at the Kardashians all we want, but this is 10,000x worse in my opinion.

For more photos of Susan Griffiths you can click here to get to her website.