Mary Elizabeth Winstead Did An ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Sex Scene With Sex Machine Michael Moore And Lived To Tell About It

Mary Elizabeth Winstead went on the Late Late Show with James Corden to promote her CBS show “BrainDead”, a political sci-fi comedy that I didn’t even know was on the air, but apparently has been rolling out episodes since June 13th. Corden asked Winstead about a particular scene Mary had with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who is not widely regarded as a sex symbol. Here’s a pic for reference…

Here’s Mary deftly describing her sexperience with one of the most famous documentarians in the world.

Not just any sex scene, but re-creating one of the scenes from Eyes Wide Shut. Haven’t seen it yet? How is that possible? It’s must-watch entertainment. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman hate-humping each other. Huge mansion party decked out with naked bodies rocking each other while wearing Mardi Gras masks. It was Stanley Kubrick’s last film before he passed.

Winstead had sex-inducing R&B artist Jason Derulo to her right and laugh riot Ben Schwartz to her left. Both men tried their to put on their best game faces; Schwartz somehow managed to bite his tongue while Derulo completely ruled out any chance of having any fun filming that scene.

I bet Michael’s miffed he didn’t get do this salami sex scene with Winstead instead…

John Goodman must be like… umm, hello? We were in a bunker together for 10 Cloverfield Lane. That’s a perfect setting for kink.

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