Check Out This Old Photo That Has The Internet Thinking Matt Damon Might Be A Time Traveler

Remember that time when an old photo surfaced that looked eerily like Matthew McConaughey and people thought that maybe he was some kind of time traveler?

Yeah, well, apparently Matt Damon is also a part of this same strange Illuminati-fueled time traveling team, if you believe the internet, that is.

Because a photo which was uploaded to Reddit of someone’s dad from 1961 has people wondering.

Some of the comments…

“I actually thought it was Matt Damon before I read what went with the photo.”

“Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne.”

“Is Matt Damon a vampire?”

“I hate to be the one to tell you this but your dad is Matt Damon.”

“Yet another time traveling celebrity. Jason Bourne can time travel. – CONFIRMED.

And the real question…

“How many people have died saving your dad throughout the years and how many miles can he sprint flat out before his hands start to shake?”

Damon and McConaughey aren’t the only ones in the past who have been thought to perhaps be immortal. Vladimir Putin is another one, only he apparently has been around for centuries. That one, however, I might actually believe.

But as for Damon? I don’t know. What do you think?

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