HBO’s New Matthew McConaughey Series ‘True Detective’ Looks Fantastic

But yeah: That's all we really know about the show. Still, it looks awesome—even for a tired format like the crime procedural. There's that religious-flavored creepiness you'd expect from a show set around New Orleans, and Harrelson and McConaughey make for pitch-perfect Southern detectives. I'll be watching. 

(Also, it's worth mentioning: How the hell did these two bros work together? You're looking at, undoubtedly, Hollywood's two biggest stoners. McConaughey used to be most famous for being arrested while playing the bongos naked. Stories abound about how Harrelson smokes weed constantly on-set and off. Teaming this duo together is to Pot what the Pacers' Ron Artest and Steven Jackson was to Crazy. It's fucking amazing this show actually got made.)