Mel Gibson May Or May Not Have Just Finished A Giant Coke Binger Right Before He Did This Interview


Now there’s no way to actually confirm that Mel was on one fuckload of a Coke binger right before he did this interview, but come on. His eyes are bulging, he’s talking 100 miles a minute and he keeps rubbing his nose. Plus, this was at The Expendables 3 premiere, a movie so surprisingly boring that the only way to get through it is if you’d just done an entire gallon of coke beforehand.

In his defense though, since here at BroBible we like to sometimes see both sides of the argument when trying to meet a word count, he could have just groomed his nose hair for the evening. Or maybe he did the ice bucket challenge and caught a cold. Who knows? Only Mel Gibson, that’s who.

Check it out here.

[H/T Uproxx]

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