Melissa McCarthy Returns To ‘SNL’ As Sean Spicer And It’s Laugh Out Loud Funny

Melissa McCarthy is back for an encore performance of last week’s instant classic SNL sketch, where she played a somewhat exaggerated version of  White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Last week’s rendition racked up close to 22 million views on YouTube and even elicited a response from the press secretary himself.

Spicer told “Extra” exclusively he felt the impression was a little exaggerated. His advice was that McCarthy “needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there.” Though he thought it was a really “funny” show, he felt that McCarthy “could dial back” a bit.

Welp Sean, your advice was heard, but certainly not listened to, as McCarthy “dialed it back” by sporting high heels and taking down a stick of gum larger than an airport runway.

Very few times is the sequel comparable to the original, but I’ve gotta tip my cap to McCarthy and the SNL writers for bringing the heat once again.

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