Stop Whatever The Hell You’re Doing And Watch Michael Keaton’s Amazing Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

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Golden Globes

If there is one speech from last night’s Golden Globes that you’re going to watch today, make it the emotional one Michael Keaton gave after winning the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy for Birdman. He goes into his humble upbringing in Western Pennsylvania, delivering a poignant speech that’s heavy on the gratitude.

“Work hard. Don’t quit. Be appreciative. Be Thankful. Be grateful. Be respectful. And never whine, ever. Never complain. And always keep a sense of humor.” Those are words to live by right there, Bros. If you don’t get choked up when he starts talking about his son, you don’t have a pulse.

Bravo, Michael John Douglas, from Forest Grove, Pennsylvania. You’re a class act.