The New ‘Midnight Special’ Clip Is Eerie As Hell

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‘Midnight Special’ is getting intense up in here man. The initial trailer for Director Jeff Nichols’ first studio effort (previously directed ‘Mud’ and ‘Take Shelter’) had a lot of viewers stoked for at least a couple very different reasons. One, the superkid in this looks like Cyclops had a son. Watch the trailer, and you’ll see what I’m on about. This kid is wearing swim goggles for more than the disruptive fashion statement. Those are a sweet pair of specs though. I can dig it. Second it’s directed by the genius who directed ‘Mud.’ Plain and simple Nichols is talented as hell, and the storyline seems solid.

The cast for ‘Midnight Special’ is stacked as well. We have studs like Michael Shannon (played General Zod in ‘Man of Steel’) who plays a father trying to keep his by all appearances supernatural son safe from a pack of raving bible-thumping lunatics, and Emo Kylo Ren.

Parts of that plot segment remind me of what it felt like back when I was an undergrad trying to navigate between lecture halls, without being harassed by black-cloaked Mormon dudes who deployed straight up tactical, flank formations. We also have Sam Shepard who’s a pretty chill Pulitzer Prize winner, Kirsten Dunst (finally not playing an irritably emotional Mary Jane), and Adam Driver who I honest to God hope has a concealed lightsaber somewhere. Long live Emo Kylo Ren. Kind of.