EXCLUSIVE: Watch Rapper Mike Stud Meet His Girlfriend’s Dad — Baseball Legend Jose Canseco — For The First Time

Rapper Mike Stud is a legend for many reasons, including the fact that the ex-Duke baseball player is dating Jose Canseco’s hot model daughter Josie Canseco, who was June 2016 Playmate of the Month. She even stars in one of his music videos and makes frequent appearances on his behind-the-scenes Esquire Network reality show, This Is Mike Stud. 

But let’s take a minute to remember who her dad is here: Wildman Baseball legend Jose Canseco, who once shot his finger off while cleaning his gun. When TMZ asked Canseco about Stud back in February, he (jokingly!) threatened to not mess up or he’d shoot him — Not exactly a threat any boyfriend would take lightly given his girlfriend’s dad’s track record.

The two met while filming an episode of This Is Mike StudInstead of being awkward, Stud’s meet-the-parents moment was pretty chill — Stud and Canseco bro’d out by playing ping pong. Check out the full scene below. We talked to Stud about hanging out with Jose on Facebook Live a couple weeks ago. You can watch that above.

Peep the This Is Mike Stud finale — in which Stud and Jose have a home run derby — tomorrow night on the Esquire Network. Airs at 11pM.

[protected-iframe id=”3fb8e2535ece5f20d0583a07e800857a-97886205-93351060″ info=”http://tv.esquire.com/videos/embed/A_6n-rTrNbs=?ssid=http://tv.esquire.com&cplay=esquire_embed_off_domain_vod” width=”660″ height=”371″ frameborder=”0″]


Meanwhile, Josie remains the realest:

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