Miley Cyrus Is Legit Crying On Instagram About The Prospect Of A Trump Presidency And It’s Glorious

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miley cyrus

Political expert Miley Cyrus has come out swinging after the Donald has established himself as the front-runner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination after winning seven states on Super Tuesday.

The 23-year-old Cyrus went on an Instagram rampage on Tuesday and Wednesday, making her disdain for Trump loud and clear to her 38 million followers.

She starts off with a light-hearted jab at Trump’s success in the presidential primaries, hash tagging a reference to her song ‘Party in the USA’ with ‘aint no party in da USA anymo.’ Cute. Fun. The kind of political depth you’d expect from a musician known for nearly fucking Robin Thicke on stage and sporting boobie tassles in public.

She then ups the ante and refers to the Donald as a ‘fucking nightmare.’

And then the waterworks start after Miley detests Trump associating with someone who hunts big game for sport. That is an absolute no-no for the vegan.

She caps off her disgust at the current state of American politics by reposting a photo of blood-covered interlocking hands after a moose hunt, reinforcing her disgust with killing animals and linking it the America Trump will impose on us.

Miley’s message, in summary: Donald is a fucking nightmare and killing animals should be punishable by death.

miley fur

RIP Miley.

Live look at The Donald right now:


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