Millennial Woman Drops F-Bomb On MSNBC At The Iowa Caucus

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Of all the fiery politicians to take the stage this evening for the Iowa caucus, this millennial Iowa City chick’s racking up the most attention on the internet right now. Apparently she’s just had it with Bernie Sanders and the Veterans’ Rights, and honestly man, you’ve got to appreciate her direct, gut-punch approach.

In the throes of her impassionate speech she says, “OH, YOU WANNA TALK VETS, DO YOU? “I get VA. I am VA. I am a vet. My mom’s a vet. How is he going to fix it?” she says. “The VA is more screwed up than it has been in a while. The fact I haven’t gotten benefits in three months because the VA is so fucked up really makes me concerned.”

Clearly MSNBC and their failed attempt at censorship–great job on the unnecessary apology thereafter guys–didn’t anticipate such a spontaneous combustion of profanity, but hell if it was a stirring display of an impressively disheveled voter. Realtalk for a second though: the f-bomb dropping young lady does remind me just a bit of that girl we all had in high school American Studies class who showed up everyday to recite the course’s required reading, run every damn lecture, and lose her mind in a puddle of angst-ridden tears when she had 1/8 of a point docked off her exam because she didn’t memorize Abe Lincoln’s nephew’s dog’s middle name. Like it’s okay to take a minute and cool your chops every once in a while.