Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado And Her Sister Found Shot To Death

Getty Image

Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado and her 23 year-old sister Maria were found shot to death and buried, according to Honduras National Police, in one of the most bizarre stories of the year.

The sisters went missing six days ago after visiting a spa near where their bodies were found buried. They were planning to fly to London on Sunday to prepare for the 2014 Miss World competition.

Us Weekly reports that Maria Jose Alvarado, 19, and her sister were at the spa to celebrate the birthday of Sofia’s boyfriend Plutarco Ruiz. Ruiz and an accomplice, Aris Maldonado, have been arrested for the murders of the women.

Leandro Osorio, head of the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation, said that Maria Jose Alvarado had been shot from behind and her sister was shot from the front and that the killers later went back to try to clean up the crime scene, according to USA Today.

An April United Nations rates Honduras as the “murder capital of the world” with a homicide rate of 90.4 people per 100,000.

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