Which Movies Have The Most Mentions of Weed, Alcohol And Gambling? These Movies Do

by 4 years ago
movie mentions alcohol weed gambling

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Think you know which movies have the most mentions of weed, alcohol and gambling? Well, now thanks to Project Know we have a pretty definitive answer to those questions.

Project Know analyzed over 1,260 movie scripts since 1984 looking for terms related to these three vices and the results, while very interesting, were not terribly surprising.

First off, they put together this graph which shows the prevalence of each type of vice in movies on a more specific scale by each year since 1984. Movies certainly liked cocaine a lot more in the 1990s than they do now.

vice mentions in movies

Project Know

Notice the huge spike for alcohol in 2007? That’s because of one movie: Superbad.

movie mentions alcohol

Project Know

As for weed mentions in films it’s once again a Seth Rogen project taking home the top spot.

movie mentions weed

Project Know

And finally, when it comes to gambling mentions, no more aptly-named movie could have been ranked number one.

movie mentions gambling

Project Know

If there are some movies that you think should have made the cut, but didn’t perhaps it was due to the methodology Project Know used.

In closing, I think this new supercut of drugs in cinema sums things up nicely.

View the complete results of this Project Know study as well as their methodology for it here.

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