Awww Yeah, The Trailer For Season Two Of ‘Narcos’ Is Here And Shit Gets Flippin’ REAL

by 4 years ago

Count me in the small minority who didn’t think Narcos season one was all that good. It had its moment, and it was fun to watch, but I felt it was missing something that made it *great*.

Whatever, doesn’t matter what I think, I’m an idiot blogger.

That said, after watching this trailer, I’m fucking jacked for season two. It starts with Pablo Escobar eluding the biggest manhunt in history, ratchets shit up with some U.S. special forces joining the search, and fucking ‘Renegade’ by Styx hasn’t even started playing yet.

That’s fucking right. This trailer’s got Styx.

Try not to be hard by the end.

Narcos season two will be released on September 2nd.

Fuck yea.

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