‘Glee’s Naya Rivera Says Justin Bieber Looks ‘Like A Douchebag’ With His Shirt Off

naya rivera justin bieber douchebag

YouTube - The View

Poor Justin Bieber, can’t catch a break. If people aren’t saying his package was Photoshopped he’s got guys like Keith Richards saying “Who the fuck are you?” and calling him a “wannabe” and now Naya Rivera on The View saying he looks like a douchebag.

That’s right. Yesterday on The View, which I assume most of you missed (good for you), Glee star Naya Rivera and the gang were sitting around talking about Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads and the fact that Justin took to Instagram with a photo of what appears to be himself in something like an airport bathroom posing in just a towel with his shirt off, saying, “Photoshop LOL.”

Rivera wasn’t having it.

“I care less about the Photoshopping than the shirtless selfie. It’s annoying, and you look like a douchebag. Girls don’t want to date guys that are constantly in a mirror,” said Rivera with the sweet burn. “Like, stop. Go fix something in the house. That’s hotter.”


Check out the entire discussion below around the 12:30 mark because what else do you have to do today?