Justin Bieber LOLs At All The People Who Say His Calvin Klein Ad Was Photoshopped

Justin Bieber wants you to know that, yes, he does lift, Bro.

After allegations his Calvin Klein ads had been heavily photoshopped — in particular around the bicep and groin area — the world was forced to wonder just what the pop star looked like without his shirt.

Because, you see, this is a man who has never, ever been photographed with a bare chest. Or something.

The rumor mill apparently churned its way back to Bieber, who posted this not-so-subtle Instagram shaming anyone who doesn’t believe he’s 1oo percent all-beef.

So there you have it. Bieber has some muscles.

As for the bulge part of the equation, who knows. The towel reveals nothing.

Honestly, I think this responses raises an even more alarming issue: why does this guy have so many sinks in his bathroom.