New Spot For ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Shows Han Busting Out His Old Blaster And One Fan Favorite

Are you getting tired of new Star Wars: The Force Awakens footage?

FUCK NO YOU AREN’T. I’m certainly not. Now that the trailers are done with, it’s on to the TV spots, and this one that debuted last night during ABC’s Thursday evening line-up.

It’s got a shitload of shit.

If there’s one thing Han Solo is known for, it’s shooting his damn blaster. We hadn’t seen any of that yet, but here he is ray gun gun gunning away. Not only that, in this spot, he’s literally passing the torch-gun to Rey. (Is Han gonna die in this? Yes.)

Plus, plus, plus, did you spot someone? Watch again. Now scroll down.

IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!



Admiral AckBACK! Over there on the right! Still working with the Resistance.

We also see more of Finn wielding his lightsaber, but whatever. ADMIRAL ACKBAR.

[H/T Slate]

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