Nicole Kidman’s Bizarre AF Seal-Like Clapping At The Oscars Has The Internet COMPLETELY Weirded Out


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Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announcing the wrong winner of Best Picture at the Oscars is all over the news today, but I think something even more notable happened.

That is the fact that Best Supporting Actress nominee Nicole Kidman apparently has no fucking clue how to clap. How this is even humanly possible I have no idea.

Take a look above. As you can see, her husband Keith Urban understands perfectly how to clap.

Now watch Nicole’s attempt at clapping when Meryl Streep received a standing ovation during Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue…

What…is going on there?

Why are her fingers all splayed back like she doesn’t want her fingertips to touch?

I am so confused by this and I am not alone…


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