Michael J. Fox Received Nike Air MAG Pair No. 1, With It A Touching Handwritten Letter From Designer Tinker Hatfield


Twitter/Michael J. Fox

No question it could have been anybody else but Michael J. Fox lucky enough to receive the very first pair of Nike Air MAGs today – on 10/21/2015, or as they’re calling it “Back To The Future Day.”

After all, Fox is the very man that made these long-anticipated shoes an iconic piece of cinema lore when they strapped themselves to Marty McFly’s feet in <i Back To The Future Part II in 1989.

In 2011, Nike released a limited run of 1,500 pairs of replica Nike MAG shoes, and while awesome in their own respect, the earlier models that were auctioned off to raise millions for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease research didn’t actually come with self-tying power laces depicted in the film.

But today that all changed, because today is the future.


Unreal. Here’s Nike’s concept of how the Air MAG’s lacing system will work:


Man, these things feel like they’re coming from the future. No doubt sneakerhead envy is at an all-time high right now with sights set squarely on McFly.


Along with pair No. 1 of self-lacing Nike Air MAGs, Michael J. Fox also received this extraordinary handwritten letter from their legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, who was tasked by Nike to design the futuristic concept for the Back To The Future sequel.


Tinker Hatfield’s heartwarming words that accompanied Fox’s truly futuristic new kicks read:

Hey Michael,

Almost thirty years ago we embarked on a journey to create a glimpse into “The Future.”

Although the project started as science fiction, we’re now proud to turn that fiction into fact.

As the first, most celebrated wearer of the Nike Air MAG we wanted you to be the first to receive a living pair. “I meant ‘Nike MAG’” (I must have “Air” on the brain)!

What is so special about the Nike Air MAG is its impact continues to resonate. We may never know its final legacy, but we continue to work on projects that carry and progress some of its principles.

As you well know innovation never stops at Nike so we’re excited about what lies ahead for this idea. We know if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

In addition to your personal pair, we’re creating more pairs for support in aid of the Michael J. Fox Foundation in 2016.

We hope that the combined effort will raise even more than the $9.4 Million collected in 2011 and contribute in some way to eliminating Parkinson’s disease in our lifetime!

Your friend,

P.S. If my calculations are correct… your pair should be with you shortly.

Just…wow. What a piece of cinema/fashion/pop-culture/everything history Michael J. Fox received today. And what a great cause the retail sale of these shoes will benefit.

Hands down, the coolest thing to happen on Back To The Future Day so far…