Norm Macdonald Dropped An Oral Sex Joke Last Night That Had Conan O’Brien Choking From Laughing So Hard

Norm Macdonald was the guest star on Conan last night, and anytime these two comedic geniuses get together we can expect great things. Conan and Norm have been friends and colleagues for decades, going way back to their earliest days on Saturday Night Live, and that means they have no qualms with truly being themselves in front of each other. Norm was on the show last night to promote his new book ‘Based on a True Story: A Memoir’ which you can buy on Amazon HERE.

In classic Norm Macdonald form, he strolled out onto Conan‘s stage last night, started the interview in a very normal fashion, and within seconds had derailed the topic of conversation from his new book to telling an oral sex joke that was so hilarious Conan O’Brien was actually choking with laughter.

Over on UPROXX, our sister site, they’ve pulled the second half of this interview for you bros and note that it includes an A++ Johnny Carson impression:

Norm Macdonald has always been a comedian for comedians. His humor typically flies right over the heads of most people, and goes unappreciated. He’s always been at his best when surrounded by other talented comedians and last night’s Conan appearance was further proof of that.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Norm Macdonald’s new book, ‘Based on a True Story: A Memoir’, you can CLICK HERE to buy that on Amazon in Hardcover or Kindle edition!

…(h/t Andrew Roberts @ UPROXX)…

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