Olivia Munn Shows Off More Of The Wicked Sword Skills She Learned Playing Psylocke

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As we saw last week when Olivia Munn took on Ryan Reynolds in a very lopsided sword battle, she’s got learned some seriously crazy, and seriously dangerous skills.

Munn, who despite being done with filming her role as Psylocke for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse film, says she’s still keeping up the training.

While she might not be training quite as aggressively as before, she hasn’t quit her sword training despite realistically not needing to wield one anytime soon. But Munn seemed to enjoy her sword training while preparing for her role as Psylocke, so she’s become dedicated to the sport.

“I still do taekwondo and I have a sword closet at home. It’s really a great exercise for me to do,” she revealed to E! News’ Sibley Scoles.

That being said she might be glad to finally not have to put on the costume anymore.

“[Psylocke’s uniform] is not the most glamour thing to put on. There’s actually a lubricant that they put in and you have to slide into it,” tells Munn.

Still, she definitely hasn’t lost her ability to kick butt with a sword, something the boys over at IGN’s Up At Noon discovered this week.

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