Ozzy Man’s NSFW Review Of Daredevil’s Epic Fight Scene Against The Dogs Of Hell Is About The Funniest Damn Thing Ever

If you’re a fan of the Netflix slash Marvel show Daredevil then oh my god, you have to watch and more importantly, listen to the legendary Ozzy Man give his commentary on Matt Murdock’s fight scene against the Dogs Of Hell.

As you may recall if you’ve seen it, this was one of the most epic fight scenes in television history. The amazing amount of planning and choreography that went into actually filming it is mind-boggling. (You can learn more about that right here.)

That being said, as we have seen many times before, there is nothing, not a sporting event or a scene from a movie or TV show or even sexy Yanet Garcia videos that aren’t made 100 times better by commentary by the Ozzy Man. Especially when people are getting fucked up by bulls.

So, whether you have seen Daredevil or not, I promise, on my honor, that this will be one of the most entertainingly hilarious videos you will see today, if not all week. You have my word as a gentlemen.

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