Ozzy Osbourne Opens Up About Affair: Sex Addiction Is ‘By Far The Worst Addiction That I Have’

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Nearly a year after revealing that he had sex addiction, coincidentally it was at the same time that he was caught cheating on his wife, Ozzy Osbourne talks about his dependence in a new interview. The epiphany that Ozzy had a sex addiction came after his wife Sharon Osbourne caught wind that the rocker having a long-term affair with celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh after she colored his hair in late 2011.

Ozzy and Sharon gave an interview to Hello! magazine, where the Black Sabbath frontman opened up about his four-year-long affair that nearly ended their 33-year marriage.

“She was a hairdresser who was coming round to the house. I honestly don’t know how it started, but then it picked up momentum and I thought, ‘If I stop, she’s going to go to the press.’ By giving in to temptation, you put your head in the lion’s mouth, but then it closes, and no matter which way you go, you’ve done wrong.”

Sharon added that she never suspected that the hairdresser would have an affair with her husband.

“I knew that she was overly flirty with Ozzy — you know when people over-laugh at things you say? — but to be truthful with you, I thought, ‘He would never go with that, ever. [I thought] ‘She’s just an old rock chick. Never in a million years.'”

Sharon stated that she was so oblivious to the affair that she only found out about it “when the press called. That was the first I knew of it.” Ozzy said he “was scared to death” when his wife found out about his extramarital affair.

Osbourne also talked about his debilitating sex addiction being his worst addition.

“My first wife divorced me because of my playing around. It’s by far the worst addiction that I have. When I was drinking or doing drugs, I was affecting myself physically, but with the sex addiction, it affects everybody. It made me realize what a complete idiot I was. I sat down and I thought, ‘What the hell have I done?’ I can’t imagine life without Sharon. She’s my soulmate. I love her. I can honestly say that I’ve never loved any other woman besides Sharon. I’ve got a crazy-assed way of showing it, but she’s the love of my life.”

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