Paris Hilton Nude Photo Hacker, Set To Serve Four Years In Prison, Issues Apology

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Cameron Lacroix Paris Hilton hacker


Cameron Lacroix, the man who hacked Paris Hilton’s cell phone in 2005 and then stole and published nude photos of Hilton online, is going to federal prison for four years plus three years probation for numerous charges including credit card theft. Lacroix, who was just 16 years-old at the time of the hacking, issued an apology to Paris Hilton in an interview with NBC News, saying, “Paris, I’m sorry I put your information online. I should have never done it. I wouldn’t want it done to me.”

During the interview he also discussed the actual hacking of Hilton’s T-mobile Sidekick, recounting, “It all started because I wanted a free T-Mobile phone. Once I got in there I realized, ‘Hey, I have access to everybody’s stuff.’ I looked up and sure enough it was under her name. I went into it and was shocked at what I saw.”

Lacroix was apparently so shocked that he just went ahead and posted Hilton’s contacts, email messages, and nude photos from her phone online in an effort to become “a celebrity” and when the photos went viral he says, “it was mind-blowing for me. I felt famous.” Guess he achieved the famous part, which he can now enjoy behind bars.

After he gets out of prison in 2018 Lacroix says that he would like to go to work for major corporations to protect them from being hacked. Something he knows all about since it’s estimated he’s done over $1 million in damages to private companies including the hacking of Burger King’s Twitter account in February of 2013.

Here’s his full interview, with apology, on NBC…

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