Watch Paul Walker’s Hilariously Spot-On Impression Of Vin Diesel And Then Get Really Sad Because…Y’know…

by 5 years ago

I’m not going to pretend that I know Vin Diesel personally, or that the two of us are best buddies who enjoy grabbing a beer after a hard day of work. In fact I’m almost 99% sure that he’s not even aware that I exist, which (truth be told) is perfectly fine by me since I can’t imagine what the two of us have in common. In other words, I’ll probably never meet Vin Diesel…but if I did, I wouldn’t be surprised if he grunted out “It’s DIESEL TIME” at the end of every sentence and shuffled around like the Hulk in real life. Or at least that’s what Paul Walker would lead us to believe, and what kind of person are you if you’re calling Paul Walker a liar? An asshole, that’s what.

So don’t be an asshole. Just take Walker’s impression for the Holy Grail of Vin Diesel impressions that it is.

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