Pizza Hut Is Making a Real-Life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza-Thrower

by 4 years ago


Last night, around 12:43AM, I had a huge craving for Pizza Hut. I can’t explain it — There are literally two fabulous, late-night New York City pizzerias across the street from my apartment. But for some reason I was crazing Pizza Hut’s greasy, deep fried gooey pizza, probably from years of completing Book Its for a personal pan (pizza in my hometown was pretty weaksauce). Pizza Hut is both shit and THE shit. Especially the wings. I will forever be a fan.

Anywho, Pizza Hut is behind the stupid marketing gimmick to end all stupid movie marketing gimmicks. With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles slated for the box office in August, Pizza Hut is making a REAL “pizza launcher” for Comic-Con. In otherwords, the prized possession of your toy chest (or your best friend’s toy chest) is coming to life:


Here’s the commercial:

Pizza Hut dropped a launch video. They’ll reveal the final product at Comic Con.

Personally, I hope they cruise through college towns this fall with this machine, blasting pizzas at stoned college kids with the munchies on Friday and Saturday nights.


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