A Man Has Come Forward Claiming To Be Prince’s Only Biological Son, And Therefore Sole Surviving Legal Heir

The recently deceased ‘Purple Rain’ singer left behind an estate valued at somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million, and without a living will the court system is tasked with posthumously deciding what to do with all of Prince’s wealth.

That difficult task just got a lot more complicated after a man currently incarcerated in Colorado for Weapons Transport filed paperwork in a Minnesota probate court on Monday claiming that he is the sole biological son of Prince, and therefore the only living heir that stands to inherit Prince’s vast fortune.

According to ABC News Carlin Q. Williams’ mother claims that she met Prince at a hotel in Kansas City, Missouri back in July 1976. Carlin’s mother Marsha Henson claims that she had sex with Prince and consequently become pregnant, eventually giving birth to her son Carlin on April 8, 1977.

The man currently serving time for Weapons Transport in Colorado has petitioned the Minnesota probate court to name him as ‘the sole surviving heir’ of Prince, which would put the estate estimated at $300 million in his hands. Somehow I don’t see this happening, not even in this dude’s wildest dreams, but if he is the bastard son of Prince this will certainly make the dividing of Prince’s estate even more complicated than it already is.

This is just the latest in a string of significant news stories that have emerged since Prince’s death. Headlines have ranged from the unsealing of Prince’s vault that holds enough music to release a new album every year for the next 20 years. Tracy Morgan’s story about the time Prince kicked him out of his house party, or the fact that Prince might’ve been grappling with some serious addiction issues, potentially spending tens of thousands of dollars on drugs.

For more on this story you can follow the link above to head over to ABC News.

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