New Report Suggests That Prince Was Battling A Mean Addiction To That Booger Sugar

Following Prince’s death two weeks ago, countless celebrities shared their lasting memories of the music icon–from Tracy Morgan speaking about the time Prince kicked him out of his house to Sinead O’Connor revealing the time Prince punched her in the kisser.

O’Connor also added to speculation of Prince’s alleged hard drug use, of which she claims was fueled by comedian Arsenio Hall for over two decades. Said O’Connor, “Anyone imagining Prince was not a long time hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land.”

The latest evidence from Carver County Sheriff’s Dept. collaborates O’Connor’s sentiment, as TMZ reports that back in June 0f 2011, someone made an urgent call to the Sheriff’s Department because “the caller is concerned about Prince’s cocaine habits.”

According to recently revealed police records, the caller said Prince had told her the year before in Germany that he “cannot control his habit.”

The Sheriff’s Dept. reportedly told the caller that the information was stale since it was a year old and closed the case, citing no proof that Prince was in immediate danger.

Turns out, nose candy may not have been the only drug Prince was struggling to keep under contol, as his ‘former drug dealer’ allegedly reported that the singer was addicted to painkillers for 25 years, spending as much as $40,000 at one time. GULP.

[h/t TMZ]