Apparently Someone Found Prince’s Entire Stash Of Unreleased Music And There Is Enough To Release A New Album Every Year For The Next 20 Years

The loss of Prince really sucked. There’s really just not any other way to say it. The guy was a legend and his music is iconic. Which is really why his death was all the more heart-breaking for me because, as selfish music fans, I just didn’t want to accept that I’ll never have the ability to listen to his new music again. Which is why the new reports coming out of his camp are making me so excited.

According to ABC News, Bremer Bank has drilled open the door to Prince’s Vault which previously had been sealed shut due to Prince being the only one to know the code. The Vault is reportedly filled with unreleased Prince music, some of it dating back to before Purple Rain. Entertainment attorney Donald David weighed in on what this means for fans:

“You’re going to see unreleased Prince albums – if [the estate] is properly managed – for the next two decades. I know from my past experience that very often some of that material needs significant editing. As long as the estate is well-managed – and they don’t go for a quick hit by doing something like selling his publishing rights – it will produce income into [what would have been] his great-grandchildren’s years without any problems.”

This is awesome. Twenty years of new Prince music? Sign me the fuck up. I think it’s a very standard wish as a fan that Prince’s estate doesn’t just toss all this new music on Tidal and try to make as money as humanly possible in one fell swoop. I’m sure some of these songs aren’t even finished yet and may need to cook for a few more years in the studio. However, Prince never wrote a will, which is pretty scary for the kind of control it could potentially give people who just want to collect a couple of stacks. Regardless, it sounds like we’re getting new Prince music, so change your sheets gentleman because your days of making love to strangers from bars to Prince music is just getting started.