Racist Dollar Store Tirade Gets A Very Necessary Movie Trailer


It was only a matter of time.

After the now infamous “Lady Goes On Racist Rant At Dollar Store,” the internet world was abuzz with what a despicable piece of shit this woman was. Not content to just try and let this blow over, Racist Lady opted to defend herself via a super coherent interview at a radio station, in which she maintained that the n-word is actually NOT RACIST. Cool.

Now, as you’ll see via the trailer below, Hollywood has taken notice. I’m seeing potential sequels, merchandising, spin-offs. Every kid will be clamoring for a lunchbox with Racist Lady’s harsh face on it and the tagline, “How many cops have I stripped for?!”

Hollywood also loves films that deal with race, especially when it comes to Oscar-bait. I’m not making any predictions, but I don’t think I’d be saying anything absurd to suggest that this could be the next¬†Crash.

Could Racist Lady be our country’s next leading lady? I’m not sure if she has the chops to make it here in America, but I get the vibe that she will play well overseas. These days, movies are greenlit based more on their international potential than their domestic, so I see big things for Racist Lady. If I were a Hollywood agent, I’d snatch her up immediately.