Watch a Miller Lite Commercial with the Real (Hot) Wife of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

by 7 years ago

But let's go back to the nudity. Specifically Margot Robbie's, who plays Jordan Belfort's second wife and has one of the most jaw-dropping intros ever. She's not clothed for that long.

Margot's character is based off a real person, Nadine Caridi, who was actually a model and Miller Lite girl and the “Dutchess of Bay Ridge, as Belfort says in the movie. If you're interested in seeing how well the real-life Nadine matches up to Margot, she shows up in a red bikini in the below incredibly 90s beer commercial. She's, uh, hugging the “famous flying dog” Air Major. It was the 90s! Flying dogs were rad.

[H/T: Total Frat Move]

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