Redman Opens Up About His 4/20 Ritual, His Beef With Edibles, And The First Time He Got Hiiiiigh

Redman recently sat down with Emily Oberg of Complex in a candid interview where he compares 4/20 to Christmas morning, reveals how edibles made him cry, and talks about the first time he got stoned.

8 Things We Learned About Redman

  1. He was 13 when he first smoked weed
  2. He’s a loner-stoner
  3. He’s not a fan of spliffs
  4. If you have herpes, stay away from his weed
  5. If your friend has a herpe sore, be a good friend and let him know
  6. Edibles are ONE. THING. HE. CAN’T. FUCK. WIT.
  7. Chocolate gives him the shits
  8. He wants to get silly high with me on 4/20

Maybe #8 was wishful thinking. But me and Redman share the same fear of edibles. I’m a smoking fiend and I ate a half of a weed cookie at the tail end of a work day a year back and I had to leave the office immediately. Didn’t even lock my computer, never mind tell my boss. I took a taxi home because I thought my parents would see me if I took the subway. My parents were in Florida. I was in Boston.

But if you are going to indulge in these debilitating albeit delectable treats, please take the advice of my colleague Cass Anderson on how to prepare weed brownies without entering a pot straight-jacket for 24 hours. He learned the hard way after an edible during the Super Bowl turned him into a zombie. I’m still not convinced he’s fully recovered.